Bitdeal Collaboration is an important partner of the company in developing business and user applications for the Bitdeal community. Each contributor benefits from the company through attractive commissions and bonuses. By simply sharing the benefits of Bitdeal's application and business opportunity, collaborators have the opportunity not only to build a sustainable passive income system, but also to help others Business with Bitdeal. Collaborators will be given maximum support on their priority policies and work tools, in order to promote their business.

Take charge of your business.

We provide support platform for collaborators to manage and develop business systems.

Sustainable passive income.

We will provide attractive compensation commissions and commissions depending on the number of community members you develop..

Support and professional training.

We provide support and training to our collaborators through professional training programs by experts at the Bitdeal Training Center.


Bitdeal associates can work with the company to share business opportunities and earn more with Bitdeal through attractive incentive commission policies.


For gratitude to customers and partners of Bitdeal, our program opens from September 12, 2018 to December 31, 2018.

1/Partner using and referring the app to new members using the Bitdeal App are rewarded 2% when new members use the app (2% of this is rewarded to the app use

2/ Terms & Benefits when becoming a partner :

- Make a contribution of $25 (50% transferred to the Bitdeal app

- Partners are taught the company's online and offline courses: Art of selling; The art of negotiation; Blockchain technology; Forex, etc

- Introduce a new member using the Bitdeal app to get 2% reward when the new member use the app (1% is used in the app, 1% is rewarded in cash)

- Introduce businesses using the Merchant application, partners will receives 4% commission on total sales (2% is transferred to app, 2% is rewarded in cash)

* F1 = 4% (2% is transferred to app, 2% is rewarded in cash).

* F2 = 2% (1% is transferred to the app, 1% is rewarded in cash).

* F3 = 1% (0.5% is transferred to the app, 0.5% is rewarded in cash)

The company may adjust the policy in the system applied from September 12, 2018 to December 31, 2018.

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